Mahdi Nosrati Sahlan

Software Engineer

About Me

Hi, my name is Mahdi. Learning new technologies is what I do for a living. I have been in several departments of software development and I enjoy writing solid Java and fun Javascript code. I enjoy it so much that anyone around thinks I'm proactive.



Software Engineer

Google play


Software Engineer

  • Creating and maintaining new and current types of ads on Yelp home page

  • Refactoring, testing and extending the functionalities of the Yelp server driven UI framework

  • Initiating Native Component Preview Framework and automated screenshot checks for android views.

Parsly Labs

Software Engineer

Parsly is a data-focused start-up concerning the food industry based in Stockholm. I provide the RESTful APIs in the Quarkus/Java application and generate different types of reports from the PostgreSQL database. Also for our new cross-platform mobile application, I picked flutter, since it delivers better performance than other cross-platform technologies and Dart is a better tool for UI development compared to Javascript.


Android Developer

Hamsaa is an enterprise communication platform. I initiated migrating the android app codebase to Kotlin and Jetpack libraries. Developing a full-feature instant messaging module using the latest and the best of technologies of the time was my most important task. I also reduced the package size of the android app by 60% after multiple phases of refactoring.

Arman Rayan Sharif

Frontend Developer

Created a management dashboard for a code camp that our company was doing in different universities.


Hamsaa Android Application

Java, Kotlin, Dagger, WebSockets

A communication platform for businesses. The real challenge was building the chat section on top of the XMPP protocol in a very limited period. Hamsaa is used by Saman Bank of Iran.

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FourSquare Clone

Kotlin, Koin, Location Services, Navigation

A simple FourSquare clone which integrates its remote API, listing places around with offline first and location based revalidation.

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